11/30-12/1, 2020: The Russian-American Research Nexus 1st Forum

I Форум Российско-Американского научного центра
The Russian-American Research Nexus 1st Forum
(11/30-12/1, 2020)

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Оргкомитет Российско-Американского научного центра (Russian-American Research Nexus) рад предложить вам ознакомиться с тезисами выступлений участников Форума, который состоится онлайн: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5jez/AhD9T58CL.
Рабочий язык Форума: английский.
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Оргкомитет I Форума Российско-Американского научного центра

Session 1 (Moderator: Dmitri M. Bondarenko)

17:45-18.00: Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University, Rock Hill), Roman N. Ignatiev (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow), Words of Greeting – Inaugural Forum Opening

18.00-18.30: Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University, Rock Hill), Supernatural Gamekeepers/Animal Masters among the Munduruku (Wuy Jugu), Tukano, Embera, and Achuar (Shiwiar) of the Neotropics

18.30-19.00: David H. Dye (University of Memphis), Cosmic Beavers and the Hero Twins: Visualizing Supernatural Game Keepers in the Lower Mississippi Valley

19.00-19.30: Rubén G. Mendoza, Gary Velasco (CSU Monterey Bay), Technologies of Terror: Mimesis, Materiality, and the Art and Ritual of Amerindian Headhunting

19.30-20.00: Elena V. Novoselova (Russian Technological University, Moscow), Indigenous Mortuary Practices in the Early Colonial Peru

20.00-20.10: Break

Session 2 (Moderator: David H. Dye)

20.10-20.40: Anastasia V. Kalyuta (Russian Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg), The Universe of Conquistadors: Religious, Juridical and Political Concepts of Hernan Cortes and His Companions in Arms Through the Colonial Sources of the 16th Century

20.40-21.10: Charles R. Cobb (University of Florida, Gainesville), Hernando De Soto and Chikasha: Colonial Conflicts and Hybrid Objects

21.10-21.40: Tatiana S. Tereshchenko (Independent researcher, Moscow), Images of the Inhabitants of the New World in European Art of the 16th Century

21.40-22.10: Tatiana V. Alentieva (Kursk State University), Imagology of North American Indian culture in the works of George Catlin

22.10-22.20: Break

Session 3 (Moderator: Sergey A. Isayev)

22.20-22.50: Maria A. Filimonova (Kursk State University), Anthropology of Disease in the United States in the Late 18th Century

22.50-23.20: Gleb V. Aleksandrov (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow), The Politics of Intercultural Education: Native-Colonial Relations in 17th Century New England Language Manuals

23.20-23.50: J. Christopher Gillam, Richard Chacon (Winthrop University, Rock Hill), Pro-Social Archaeology of the Enslaved at Historic Brattonsville, South Carolina: Building Relationships, Compassion and Empowerment in the Southeast and Beyond

23.50-00.20: Nadezhda E. Khokholkova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), Afrocentricity in the USA: Towards the Question of Cultural Identity of African Americans

00.20-00.30: Break

Session 4 (Moderator: Dennis B. Blanton)

00.30-01.00: Brent K.S. Woodfill (Winthrop University, Rock Hill), Collaborative Archaeology and Community Development in the Southern Maya Lowlands: Bridging the Gap between Scientists and Descendant Populations

01.00-01.30: Andrei Tabarev (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Novosibirsk), Ekaterina Eremeeva, Vasily Sokolovsky, Darya Shilaeva (Novosibirsk State University), Siberian Choice of “Pre-Columbian Paths”: Perspectives and Problems of the Development of American Studies in Scientific and Educational Formats

01.30-02.00: Aleksandr Y. Chudak (University of Oklahoma, Norman), Contemporary Native Sovereignties and the Peyote Religion: Case Study of the Native American Church Centennial Commemoration

02.00-02.30: Oksana Tolstykh (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow), Canadian Arctic: Territorial Development of the Aboriginal Population through Its Involvement in the Travel Industry

02.30-03.00: Olga Lauter (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences [EHESS], Paris), Responses of Two Urban Alaskan Religious Communities to the Covid-19 Outbreak