Aleksandr Chudak

Aleksandr Y. Chudak

Дата рождения: 01/28/1992.

Ученая степень: M.Sc., anthropology and ethnology; M.A., anthropology (expected May 2019)

Место учебы, работы, должность: Second-year M.A. student (Anthropology Department, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, United States); research assistant (Archaeology Department, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman, OK, United States).

Область научных интересов: Sociocultural anthropology, religion, healing, altered states of consciousness, globalisation, contemporary indigenous identities and sovereignties, heritage (re)production, representation, (post)colonialism and decolonisation, critical museology, multivocality, collaborative methodologies, Native North America, Mexico, Central America, Russia.

Основной регион исследований: Native North America.


Articles and abstracts:
• 2016. «Rastitel’nye gallyucinogeny v kul’turah Meksiki i Central’noy Ameriki [Plant Hallucinogens in the Cultures of Mexico and Central America].» In Aktual’nye problemy gumanitarnyh i social’nyh nauk [Relevant Problems in the Humanities and Social Sciences]: conference proceedings (theses), edited by F.E. Azhimov, V.V. Leonidova, and G.M. Alyokminskaya, 35–36. Vladivostok: DVFU. Available online atСборник%20тезисов%202016%20ШГН%20новый.pdf (in Russian)
• (Full article available at IndiansWorld
• 2016. «Arheologicheskie svidetel’stva primeneniya psihoaktivnyh veshchestv v kul’turah Central’noy i Yuzhnoy Ameriki [Archaeological Evidence of Use of Psychoactive Substances in the Cultures of Central and South America].» In Problemy etno-sociokul’turnogo vzaimodeistviya narodov Aziatsko-Tihookeanskogo regiona proceedings, edited by G.A. Kazachun, 158–166. Vladivostok: DVFU. (in Russian)
• (Extended version available at IndiansWorld
• 2018. «Global Flows or Global Flaws: Indigenous Peoples in the Modern Global Conjuncture». In Sliyanie dvuh mirov: istoriya, mobil’nost’, status zhitelei Novogo Sveta do i posle Kolumba [The confluence of two worlds: history, mobility, status of the population of America before and after Columbus]: Abstracts and materials of the symposium, 82–83. SPb.: MAE RAS. Available online at (in Russian and English)

Remembrance and Perseverance in History of the Native American Church in Oklahoma (master’s thesis research project): a research on (re)production of heritage, conceptualisations of tradition and authenticity, and discourses of indigenous sovereignty in context of the peyote religion.